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Research area 2: Participation and education (transfer)

Which forms and possibilities, ambivalences and contradictions of participation can we see in artistic and cultural projects with an educational approach? From participation to co-creation, this research area focuses on collaborations with youth and young adults. It examines how young people actively and creatively take part in the formation of their environment through their own cultural and media production. It aims at opening temporary negotiation spaces of youth participation in the context of artistic-educational projects. Here, the approaches of cultural and political education and critical art and cultural mediation, as well as art and media education, are made fruitful. Focusing on participatory research, we investigate the use of strategies of participatory cultural processes in the context of artistic and cultural interventions and develop a practice-oriented toolbox.


Project 2.1. Making Art, Making Media, Making Change (FWF-Science Communication Project)

Team: Elke Zobl, Ricarda Drüeke, Stefanie Grünangerl
In this project, young people, particularly girls and young women between the ages of 12 and 26, take an active part in their environment through their own cultural and media production and create self-defined spaces. They do so in the form of mobile zine picnics and a grrrls camp with presentations, discussions and workshops with cultural and media producers. In addition, we offer formats and materials for further study to support the mediation of cultural and media production processes.

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Publications, talks and workshops



Project 2.2. Making Art - Taking Part! Artistic and cultural interventions by and with youth to create participatory publics (Sparkling-Science Project)

Team: Elke Zobl, Laila Huber, Veronika Aqra, Elke Smodics
This research project explores and tests the production of an expanded and publicly visible scope of action in the context of contemporary art and active cultural production with the aim of opening up spaces of action for youth to shape society. This two-year project, carried out in conjunction with pupils from two classes (ages 13 to 16) at two secondary school types, a Neue Mittelschule (NMS) and a Bundesoberstufenrealgymnasium (BORG), located in the city and province of Salzburg, examines, documents and analyzes the use of intervening artistic strategies in specific local contexts and compiles a practice-related toolbox. Within the context of the project, the pupils are co-producers in terms of the research perspectives as well as the artistic and cultural perspectives.

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Project 2.3. Art and Cultural Education in Focus. Motivation and engagement-promoting Designs for School Projects Promoting Motivation and Engagement in Artistic and Cultural (Media) Education Among Disadvantaged Youth (Supported through the p[ART] Program)

Team: Iwan Pasuchin in cooperation with Marius Schebella
Over a period of three years, artists and cultural producers from the DIY and Maker scene conduct at least ten extended mediation projects at a Neue Mittelschule with a high percentage of disadvantaged pupils. The efforts to increase the pupils' participation in forming the project processes as well as the extension of action spaces in the school are accompanied by design-based research. The project aims at documenting and promoting the motivation and engagement of these pupils to actively participate can be supported in such projects.

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Project 2.4. Say it Simple. Say it out Loud. Plain Language as a Key to the Museum

Team: Luise Reitstätter, Nadja Al-Masri (Salzburg Museum), Margareta Strasser, Florian Bauer, Theresa Bogensperger (language center of the University of Salzburg), and Denis Weger (University of Vienna)

Using the methods of sociological discourse analysis, participant observation and visitor survey, this project investigates how plain language can contribute to an inclusive museum. The second part is an emancipatory cultural education project, which utilizes plain language in the Salzburg Museum. A language course for and in the museum, developed with the help of experts, allows people who have recently migrated to Salzburg to learn German and to relate themselves with their new cultural environment. A parallel course of lectures on the inclusive museum at the Schwerpunkt Wissenschaft & Kunst in turn creates theoretical reflection on the participation of students as language learning assistants. In addition to academic conference papers and publications, a digital manual summarizes the most important findings of the project. Austria-wide workshops and presentations, in turn, will give practical knowledge to interested museum employees who also want to rethink their institution inclusively in a linguistically differentiated way.

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Project 2.5. Participatory cultural work and artistic projects in Salzburg

This project is dedicated to understanding participatory and critical cultural work and artistic projects in Salzburg. Field trips to various cultural institutions in Salzburg and a series of talks shed light on the development, realization and meaning of critical cultural and artistic practices in the context of social participation.
Here, the following questions are of interest to us: What makes participatory and critical cultural work and artistic projects in Salzburg? Who takes part - or who can take part and how? Which social topics are negotiated? And how can we draw a map of participatory and critical cultural work and artistic projects in Salzburg?

More information on the lecture series "Participatory cultural work and artistic projects in Salzburg"

More information on the exhibition "pARTicipate! Art and Culture in Salzburg"


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