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The Arts and their Public Impact: Concepts – Transfer – Resonance

Foto: Pia Streicher

October 1, 2015 marks the starting date of the doctoral program "Die Künste und ihre öffentliche Wirkung: Konzepte - Transfer - Resonanz" (The Arts and their Public Impact: Concepts - Transfer - Resonance), which is under the auspices of the Focus Area Science and Art, run cooperatively by the Mozarteum University and the Paris-Lodron University, Salzburg, and financed by the province of Salzburg and the two universities.

The doctoral program investigates phenomena, concepts, and processes of interaction between the arts and their publics. Like the interuniversity focus area Science and Art, the program is trans-disciplinary and offers a space for networked research and work.

The program fosters a theoretical understanding and methodological competence between and with various disciplines, particularly between the theory and practice of the arts and cultural production. A separate curriculum has been developed specifically for the doctoral program. Since October 1, 2015, in addition to the program participants, all students interested in writing a doctoral dissertation on a theme situated at the interface of art and science have the opportunity to study at the "Interuniversity doctoral program Science and Art."

Seven participants selected from the more than fifty submitted applications will have three years to develop their projects at the interface of art and science and complete their doctorates in a shared research context.

The program participants' projects, while exhibiting great diversity, all revolve around the theme "The Arts and their Public Impact: Concepts - Transfer - Resonance". The Ph.D. candidates are each assigned to one of the three program areas within the focus area Science and Art:
Art Polemics - Polemic Art (Kunstpolemik - Polemikkunst)
ConTempOhr. Mediating Contemporary Music (Vermittlung zeitgenössischer Musik)
Contemporary Arts and Cultural Production (Zeitgenössische Kunst und Kulturproduktion)


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Supported by the province of Salzburg