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Women Frontstage. Female Polemics and the American Revolution


Women Frontstage: Female Polemics and the American Revolution
12th Meeting of the European Study Group of 19th Century American Literature
13.-14. September 2018 im Kunstquartier, Bergstr. 12a, W&K-Atelier, 1. OG

The focus of the international workshop with attendees from German, France, Romania, the UK, and Italy will be Susanna Rowson’s comic opera Slaves in Algiers; or, a Struggle for Freedom (1794). Its political background features the capture of American sea travelers by Barbary pirates. The text will be introduced by an US-American specialist and the papers will then proceed from Rowson’s play to broaden the historical and cultural context and to situate the text within a corpus of related works by such dramatists as Mercy Otis Warren, Judith Sargent Murray, Mary Carr, and Sarah Pogson. All of these writers challenge traditional power relations of comedies by using polemical humor. The workshop therefore aims at revisiting largely forgotten female dramatists who as comic polemics found a way to participate in the political debates surrounding the American Revolution.


Konzeption: Ralph Poole (FB Anglistik und Amerikanistik)

Information: Karin.Wohlgemuth2(at)sbg.ac.at (FB Anglistik und Amerikanistik)

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